Why Support McCain?

For one, we could spend the next 4+ years watching his exceedingly attractive 23-year-old daughter Meghan do the Beltway's shop-n-party circuit. I've always thought she's quite the specimen, but mow I discover (thanks to The Plank) that she has a blog.

Not only that, but she listens to The Smiths, Iggy Pop, Bad Religion, Jeff Buckley, and Miles Davis, among other greats. Oh, she's also a fan of The Life Aquatic, (hopefully ironic) karaoke, and Italian high fashion.

What're the chances the other candidate spawn have such good taste, or are so easy to look at? There's Romney's strapping lads, complete with swept hair and goofy plastic smiles. I guess they're alright if you go for the Sear's catalogue type. But given their Mormonism, there'll certainly be no drunken party shots, a la Bush twins (Jenna pictured).

Paul and Huckabee have, uh, homely broods. Plus, one of Huckabee's sons may have killed a dog, which is awfully weird and weirdly awful. Thompson's kids are young, though his (newest) wife is pretty enough.

Then there's Giuliani's children, Andrew and Caroline. They're both college age, and probably more than a little feisty, if they've inherited even a shred of their father's DNA. However, we probably wouldn't see much of them: they're reportedly estranged from Rudy. Shocking, right?

The Dem off-spring are a little better. The years have been kind to Chelsea (then, now), and Edwards' elder daughter is fairly cute (also, strangely physical with daddy). Obama's two little girls (Malia Ann and Sasha) are still itty-bitty, so . . .

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