The man's good: he has managed to charm and disarm a New Republic man. This yokel just might be able to chuckle-and-wink his way into the White House. The polls support that possibility (...emerging probability?). Imagine that.

Well, I've said it before, I'll say it again: Mike Huckabee represents pretty much the worst his party and country have to offer. His bleeding heart conservatism, his aversion to critical thinking, his blatant disinterest in policy --- these are massive faults. People are not taking them seriously enough.

Some folks are alarmed by his backwater evangelism, and I can't say it doesn't raise any red flags for me. It's ultimately quaint, though, and not really dangerous.

What's troubling is the governor's loose spending, embarassing tax plan, lack of foreign policy credentials (and foreign policy interest!), and suspect connections to political Christianity. He manages to embody the worst of liberalism and the worst of conservatism at the same time.

If this small-minded -- though probably shrewd -- tribune of Wal-Mart nation wins the GOP nomination, I'm very much hoping the Dems serve up a palatable choice, because I'll be looking their way. He can only hurt the United States.

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