Through a Looking Glass, Darkly

I hesitate to forecast the caucus results for two reasons: (1) because they're crooked and shouldn't matter; (2) my predictions tend to be, er, wrong. But I've got the gamblin' itch, so here goes . . .

1. Obama
2. Edwards
3. Clinton (okay, this is wishful thinking)

1. Huckabee
2. Romney
3. Thompson (late-breaking surge helps him just edge out McCain)

Also, as Andrew Sullivan points out, why haven't more people been discussing a Thompson-McCain ticket? Their kind of old school, laid back conservatism could only help the GOP, and would be a welcome change after the idealism of Bush-era neoconservatism. The only thing is, McCain would be too old, too tired to run for prez in 2016. So the GOP would have another insanely hectic primary that year. Of course, that assumes a victory in 2008, and then in 2012, which is taking a lot for granted . . . If I had my way, it'd be McCain-Thompson. That's a fine pairing, good for the party and good for America.


Anonymous said...


Glad to see you have taken over my old stomping ground -- look forward to checking in.

I agree with your predicitions, but I may flip Edwards and Obama.

Barack seems to have been acting weird lately.

but this is just a hunch -- who knows. And the Hitch article you linked to does a good job of summing up the idiocy of this process.

Michael Corcoran

Michael Corcoran said...

five out of 6 -- well done dear blogger. Well done