More Ground Surrendered

How long before we can write-off Britain completely?

A story based on The Three Little Pigs has been rejected by a Government-backed awards event because it might offend Muslims... and builders.

The digital book, retelling the classic children's tale, was criticised by judges who said "the use of pigs raises cultural issues".


The "virtual" book is designed for use on computers and interactive whiteboards and aimed at primary school children.

Its publishers, Shoo-Fly, insist there is nothing offensive in it.

But judges for the annual BETT awards, which recognise excellence in educational technology, claimed they had "concerns about the Asian community" and insisted "the use of pigs raises cultural issues".

As a result, they "could not recommend this product to the Muslim community".

Tell me that joke again, you know, the one about Islam's ability to integrate into liberal Western society. Multiculturalism is the biggest sham ever forced upon the Anglo-American people. I hope we wake up and reject it before it's too late.


Justin Searles said...

I suppose you missed this version of the story?

Muslims criticised Becta's response and insisted that a computer program based on the Three Little Pigs should be welcomed in state schools.

Tahir Alam, the head of education at the Muslim Council of Britain, said: "We are not offended by that at all."

It wasn't out of the demand of the encroaching Muslim horde. It was a bunch of people who thought they would be absolutely PC without first checking to see if the people they didn't want to offend were, you know, actually offended.

But, hey. Don't let this stop your crusade against the Muslim horde. They're all obviously completely irrational.

Philip Primeau said...

That's good, at least, though this post was addressing the issue of multiculturalism more than Muslim intolerance.