There Will Be Blood

Clinton elicits boos and groans from fellow Democrats at the largest political dinner in New Hampshire history. James Fallows describes her entourage -- even the dapper Billy Boy -- as deeply shaken. Michael Crowley, who flew from Iowa to New Hampshire with the Clintons, pens an article in The New Republic that paints a fairly morbid scene. And Jonathan Chait, also writing in TNR, calls Hillary "toast."

I'm not so certain. The Clinton machine is vast and formidable. It maintains a huge pool of resources: media spinsters, skilled behind-the-scenes agents, vicious attack dogs, big name surrogate campaigners. Also, tons of treasure. Make no mistake, the Clintons aren't going down without a goddamn tough fight. It'll be tooth and nail if New Hampshire goes to Obama. All their hard-earned political capital is at stake here. Failing to capture the Democratic nomination could mean the end of their public lives in any meaningful way.

It's hard to picture, a day when Bill and Hillary are out of the spotlight. They've managed to stay center stage for going on two decades. But that's the way the chips will fall, particularly if Sen. Obama triumphs. No more Clintons. Say that again. Savor the taste, the texture: No. More. Clintons.

But first Obama must drive the stake through the heart; he must seal the crypt. Does he have the strength to do so? Does he have the will? I'm not yet convinced.

Ironically, they would fade with the Bushes, their rival house. What poetic justice! A two-for-one deal. Farewell York, farewell Lancaster. Good riddance, to both.

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