New Orleans Sues the Army Corps of Engineers

According to a CNN story, the city of New Orleans has filed a $77 billion lawsuit against the Army Corps of Engineers (the group responsible for constructing the levee system which failed during Katrina). Currently, approximately $53 billion of the $110 billion Congress agreed to pay for the city's reconstruction have been spent. This lawsuit, according a quote in the article from New Orleans City Attorney Penya Moses-Fields, is an attempt "to preserve the city's claim".

Over 18 months after Katrina, it's truly depressing that an American city which fell victim to such travesty still feels compelled to have to sue to get the attention it deserves. Have we become so wrapped up in foreign affairs that we forget the victims of a disaster on our own doorstep? Katrina did and still does serve as an important manifestation of the abandonment of practicality for hypothetical logic that so embodies our current government. It's reconstruction should have been an immediate, number one priority the moment the disaster occurred. Leaders have a Constitutional and moral responsibility to protect their people, and Katrina was a crash course in ineptitude and finger pointing that we, as Americans, must not forget to learn our lesson from.

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