The Emerson Conservative

Beacon contributor and sometimes-commenter on this blog Phil Primeau has started The Emerson Conservative*, which to my knowledge is Emerson's first right-wing opinion publication. At the very least, it's the only one available at the moment.

Despite its similarity in appearance to its anarchist counterpart, Emerson's Urban Pirate, it is refreshingly sophisticated and serious in content. Some of its targets, including The Pirate and performance artist Karen Finley, are fish in a barrel, but it also contains a strong retort to a piece I wrote a few months ago supporting gay marriage and an interesting profile of rogue war documentarian Pat Dollard.

I suggest you all pick up a copy.

*Transparency note: I am friendly with the creator of this publication.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. Now online, too.


Anonymous said...

Why would a conservative publication present an essay that positive about gay marriage? Seems a bit, well, backward. I guess I'll have to find a copy. Maybe he presents the piece, then calls you names ala Ann Coulter. That might be funny, actually.


Anonymous said...

Er, it isn't positive about gay marriage. It's a *retort* to a pro-SSM piece written by Pat for the Beacon some time ago.

All articles are available online here: http://emconblog.blogspot.com/