Amendment Against Troop Withdrawal Fails

As shown on C-Span and reported by The Hill, Senate Democrats (along with Chuck Hagel) defeated an amendment to legislature within the Iraq budget plan that would call for troop withdrawal by March of next year. The amendment would've struck such language from the legislature and instead called for President Bush to deliver periodic updates to Congress on the status of the war.

As quoted in the Hill's article, amendment supporter Sen. John McCain called the timetable provision “one of the most shameful things I’ve ever seen.” But he and other Republicans (along with Independent Joe Lieberman) failed to amend it by a margin of merely two votes (50-48).

If this is good news to you, don't start celebrating yet. The White House has already pledged to veto the bill, sending it back to the senate and what could be months of filibustering. That said, it's nice to see a contemporary Congress doing something gutsy for a change.

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