Global Warming: Evangelicals Clash with the Christian Right

A recent CNN piece highlights a growing divide between the Evangelical community and the Christ Right regarding climate change.

If nothing else, this debate is an exemplary display of moralistic sincerity on the part of Evangelicals like Rev. Richard Cizik, who states in the article that "to harm this world by environmental degradation is an offense against God." It also serves to break the Leftist cultural stereotype that Evangelicals interests always parallel those of the GOP. As Boston-risiding Emersonians, myself and my fellow students consider ourselves generally alienated from such communities. In fact, the liberal community as a whole often expresses its believe in such a divide. This important insight may serve as a stepping stone to bridge the gap between those of us who feel we cannot relate to Evangelicals and the devout.

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Michael Corcoran said...

Some evangelicals have recently come out against torture. And many are on the side of the good guys on Net Neutrality and media consolidation as well.

But you are right about global warming. I would also argue further that global warming could be way to bridge the generational gap. Young people, even children, do seem to care about the planet. And exposing them to the issue could also serve to connect other dots. (Given our government's complicity in the problem)