A bit of a surprise

Here's a surprise from today's oral arguments in the Bong Hits 4 Jesus case (from the AP):

"Justice Samuel Alito, who wrote several opinions in favor of student speech rights while a federal appeals court judge, seemed more concerned by the administration's broad argument in favor of schools than did his fellow conservatives.

''I find that a very, a very disturbing argument,'' Alito told Justice Department lawyer Edwin Kneedler, ''because schools have ... defined their educational mission so broadly that they can suppress all sorts of political speech and speech expressing fundamental values of the students, under the banner of getting rid of speech that's inconsistent with educational missions.''


Michael Corcoran said...

Ya know, Alito is probably thinking about Prayer in school, which his ilk consider to be a first amendment issue.


Jeff Hudecek said...

I second Mike's theory.

Jack said...

I see 11 kids holding up this sign. I don't think Mr. Fredrick acted alone. We've seen cases where kids were punished for not removing clothing condoning Hitler, etc.

I also agree with Mike, that if Alito is going to argue for this kid, it is for another purpose.