The Senate

MyDD has a pretty good assesment of how things are are looking in the Senate for Democrats. Remember, the Dems need to pick up six seats to win the Senate. If things in the "Looking good" section hold, the Dems will pick up three seats there. So the real question is can they pick up seats in VA, MO and MT.

Tennesee does not look good right now. Studys show that in the south, polls are usually more favorable to black candidates than the actual votes. Lamont v. Lieberman, however is getting close again. Rasmussen has Lamont down by only 6 percent. Since Lieberman is basically a Republican candidate--and a slimeball to boot--any one who wants a change in Congress should hope that Lamont somehow pulls this one out.

Looking good:
PA: Casey (D) 51.4%--40.2% Santorum (R)
OH: Brown (D) 52.6%--42.0% DeWine (R)
MI: Stabenow (D) 50.4%--40.2% Bouchard (R)
WA: Cantwell (D) 52.4%--42.6% McGavick (R)
RI: Whitehouse (D) 48.2%--40.2% Chafee (R)
MD: Cardin (D) 51.0%--43.8% Steele (R)
NJ: Menendez (D) 48.2%--42.2% Kean (R)

Looking close, but good:
MT: Tester (D) 48.2%--45.0% Burns (R)
VA: Webb (D) 47.0%--45.8% Allen (R)
MO: McCaskill (D) 47.8%--46.8% Talent (R)

Not looking good:
TN: Corker (R) 49.2%--46.0% Ford (D)
AZ: Kyl (R) 49.2%--41.0% Pederson (D)
CT: Lieberman (CfL) 48.4%--38.8% Lamont (D)

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