Evangelical leaders quits amid male escort's allegations

Though I should, I don't really know who the Rev. Ted Haggard is or how big of a figure he is within the evangelical community. Based on the news coverage so far, he seems pretty big.

There's also no way of knowing just yet whether these allegations are true, though the CNN article does play with the fact that he is admitting some aspects.

If true, this is yet another example of how those who preach hate do so out of a deep-seeted insecurity. How many pastors and conservative politicians are going to be revealed as compulsive gamblers, addicts, and prostitution solicitors before we finally realize they're all a bunch of frauds. It will be interesting to see how the religious right reacts to this. Will they throw this respected and beloved figure to the dogs because he may have been struggling with what they percieve as a vile version of sexuality? Or will they try to cure him of his "disease"?

Where is my sympathy for him? I have none until he apologizes to gay Americans everywhere.

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