New Report on Global Warming

This is terrible. Really, this is beyond terrible. Global warming is happening at a faster rate than previously predicted, and the British Government's latest report tell us that pending disasters are not a problem for future generations, but for our our generation. From the AP. (Published in the International Herald Tribune)

Raising the stakes in the global warming dispute with the United States and China, Britain issued a sweeping report Monday warning that the earth faces an economic calamity on the scale of the world wars and the Great Depression unless urgent action is taken.


The 700-page "The Economics of Climate Change" report tries to persuade the world that environmentalism and economic growth can go hand in hand in the battle against global warming. But it also says that if no action is taken, rising sea levels, heavier floods and more intense droughts could leave 200 million people displaced by the middle of the century.

Amazingly, the aforementioned Stern Report is not even the most dire prediction this year. Stephen Hawking has said he thinks rapid global warming could happen so soon that our best chance to survive is to colonize other planets.


Michael Corcoran

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