Hey, where's everybody going?

When Henry Kissinger says, "I don't believe [military victory in Iraq] is possible," when Tony Blair agrees with an interviewer that the intervention has been a "disaster" and when the hawkish New Republic tells its readers that it goes without saying that they regret supporting the war, then it starts to become clear that the war is unwinnable.

So what should be done? The worst part about this is that no one knows, and there is no right answer. Every road seems to lead to US embarassment, more Iraqi and coalition deaths, and chaos in the region. I like Joe Biden's idea, but it's not really being taken very seriously. I guess we'll just have to wait to see what the Baker Commission says.


prp said...

Turkey would never allow the Kurds their own state. Never, ever, ever.

Patrick Boyle said...

If the international community could back the Kurds, then what means would Turkey have to stop it? And considering they so desperately want to join the EU, it'll be in their best interest to play nice.