Iraq endgame proposals

Lawrence Kolb, a fellow at The Center for American Progress(CAP), a liberal think tank run by John Podesta revisits their plan for strategic redeployment. (PDF)

I suppose we should make a list of Iraq proposals.

Kolb's proposal for CAP.

McGovern's withdrawal proposal from Harpers.

Biden's proposal of shared power. (Washington Post op-ed; text of speech in front of the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia.)

Murtha's resolution.

The Project for a New American Century (PNAC) wants more troops. (One of the latest Weekly Standard articles expressing just that can be viewed by clicking here.)

John McCain supports plans to raise troop levels and prepare to stay for many years.

Feingold tried to propose a withdrawal by the end of this year--which of course was rebuked by Congress. I imagine we will be hearing more from him now that he is in the majority party.

UPDATE: Here is Tom Hayden's story about the US exploring a ceasefire by negotiating with insurgency leaders. And while it is not exactly a plan, the declassified portions of the National Intelligence Estimate are also interesting to read.

If anyone sees any other proposals let me know, and I will keep adding them.

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