Jimmy Carter: Smears, Not Debate

When it comes to Jimmy Carter's new book, seen above, or Walt and Mearsheimer's Israeli Lobby paper, one wonders what supporters of Israel have to fear. There is not a single United States senator unsympathetic to their cause. Israel is militarily a very powerful nation, able to withstand attacks and respond with great force. Support for Israel by the US is as strong now as it has ever been. Can a simple discussion about the needs of both sides to make concessions shake any of that?

The instant and relentless attacks on both these works serves only to prove that dissent is being discouraged. Making a counterargument is one thing. Charging Jimmy Carter, of all people, with anti-Semitism is quite another. It's a brutal line of attack which raises entirely new questions about the nature of those so willing to smear a man for looking beyond the black and white myths so present in the Israeli-Palestinian situation.

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