It's That Time of Year Again

That's right kiddos, it's State of the Union time, and I'm certain every blogger on the net is salivating with just as much anticipation as the major networks. Personally I'm interested to see how Bush will fare knowing that he's dealing with a 34% approval rating (according to a CNN poll).

Things to watch out for this time around include a proposed plan to "make health insurance taxable income and give families a deduction on the first $15,000 in health insurance costs ($7,500 for singles)" according to Tony Snow, and a most exciting rumor involving a complete policy change regarding global warming and climate changing emissions standards. This rumor is backed up by the pleading statements of many CEOs of major ultility companies (10 to be precise). Lord knows if there's one group Bush will listen to, it's CEOs... I hope everyone tunes in tomorrow night and be sure to look for a follow up post.

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