Is all the recent Jim Webb love going to go unchecked?

The National Review isn't going to let that happen.


Anonymous said...

This article is beyond flawed. The concept of it if wrong.

Webb notes a Zogby Poll that 72 percent of troops wanted to leave within the year.

So this author is literally guessing as to what poll he may be using, and than writes an article about a Military Times Poll that Webb never mentioned by name.

Are you serious?

Surely National Review could draft a better critique of Webb than this.


Patrick Boyle said...

Do you expect much more from the National Review? Entertaining though they are, the magazine is definitely more in the Coulter mold than the Kristol mold of conservative opinion writing.


Anonymous said...

If the Dems lose in '08, then Jim Webb will run in '12. And if they win, look for him at the top of the veep list.


Patrick Boyle said...

I think you're right Phil, but he'll have to do a lot more in the meantime than one good Democratic response (which he did not write) to a state of the union.

Anonymous said...


Who wrote the Democratic response, if not Webb. I mean I realize his communcation staff was involved -- but this speech was approved by the Party -- not written by it.

Patrick Boyle said...

I'm maybe being too cynical about this. Some of the language may have been Webb's, but I just find it hard to believe that the Democratic Response, one of the few times the Party can talk with one voice to a national audience, was not heavily written/influenced by a wide variety of voices.

Jeff Hudecek said...

We should also note that Webb's political background and cabinet experience make him no new kid on the block. I agree with Phil and see him as a strong potential candidate for '12 should the Democrats need one.