Absolute Hogwash!

From CNN: Cheney: Talk of blunders in Iraq is 'hogwash'

In a certain sense, I think it must be liberating to hold office and never have to run for re-election again. Cheney has no intention of running for anything after he leaves the White House in shame (and I doubt he could even be re-elected to his old spot as a Congressman from Wyoming), so what does he care? He's free to be as arrogant, hostile, and divorced from reality as he wants.

It is scary, however, when you consider how powerful the Vice President was in the first five or so years, especially in crafting the failed Iraq strategy. To be contemptous of the facts and politically impotent is one thing, but this man is second perhaps only to Rumsfeld in being responsible for what we see in Iraq today.

First there was "last throes" and now this (and plenty where those came from). I can't tell if he just doesn't give a damn what he says or if he really thinks no one is listening. Well, it's on the record, Mr. Cheney. You might not be running again, but historians are paying close attention.

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