The world of online journalism is an ever-changing and constantly evolving phenomenon. Not long ago, the term blog was meaningless and the future of newspapers was hardly an issue for discussion. Today, journalism students cannot be sure what their profession will look like in five years. This is a scary thought to be sure, but one that must be accepted and embraced.

In that spirit, The Berkeley Beacon is proud to announce the arrival of The Berkeley Beacon Opinion Blog.

Managing and contributing to this new experiment will be Beacon opinion section co-editors Michael Corcoran and Patrick Boyle. The purpose of the blog is to provide more immediate commentary on global, national, local and Emerson specific news. Our larger goals are to encourage dialogue on campus, provide interesting and insightful commentary on relevant issues and to take a step forward into a new medium.

As stated earlier, this is an experiment, one that will benefit tremendously from reader feedback about ways to improve the blog and about the content of the posts themselves.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy.

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