Southern man, better keep your head

Senator George Allen denies use of "N-word" in college

It just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it? Months ago, Sen. Allen was being hailed as the "conservative's conservative," an affable, firmly right-wing Southern Senator with a real chance of winning the Republican primaries in 2008.

Then a few months ago came a cover story by The New Republic, which asked: Does George Allen have a race problem? It was a great expose that uncovered, among other things, Allen's odd obsession with the Confederate flag. However, it mostly focused on his college days, and hey, we all do crazy things in college, right? I never imagined it would emerge as the main theme of the final months of this campaign. A race by the way, which is getting pretty damn close considering it was a gimme seat for the popular incumbent.

Then, as I'm sure most of us are aware, came Macaca-gate. And then the above article. All of a sudden, The New Republic's question doesn't seem like a liberal smear job. Especially since the neoconservative Weekly Standard decided to do a little cover story of their own: George Allen Monkeys Around. Nice.

I'm a big advocate of actually discussing issues during a campaign and I feel that attacks such as this often go over the line. They're usually desperate. This is no such time. George Allen needs to come clean about his past and the views he held, or holds. If he isn't a racist, then he needs to explain how he was stupid enough to get in this much trouble.

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