Okay, NOW he's running

Obama is officially official. His "I'm in it" speech had some nice imagery but was pretty straightforward. The theme was hope and change, which, if I'm doing my math right, is the theme of roughly 100% of political speeches these days. I guess they do the best in focus groups.

I'm waiting to see what the senator actually has to say. It's a bit too early in the campaign for substance. His fresh face is a welcome addition, but the lack of experience does bother me. I don't buy the line that he can surround himself with experienced people (How did that work for George W?), but it may not be a deal breaker.

I'm still holding out for Gore, anyway.


Anonymous said...

Man is political DYNAMITE. He'll lose, but it'll be a whirlwind ride to say the least.

Watch the video: www.barackobama.com

Rockstar much?


Anonymous said...

Funny that the song is the product of the biggest ego-rockers in existence. Fitting.