Andrew Sullivan gets it wrong on Rudy

"Giuliani is not, pace the NYT, gently shifting to the "right" on abortion and marriage. As best I can tell - and Ann Althouse has done more spadework here - he's simply favoring a federalist answer to divisive, difficult, social and moral questions. As readers know, that's what I've been favoring for quite a while as a small-c conservative truce in the culture wars."

Sorry, Andrew. Rudy Giuliani has not only flip-flopped once, but twice, on the issue of abortion. Except him to flip-flop again, moving back to the center, if he wins the GOP primary (which I happen to think he has a pretty good chance of doing).

Before he became mayor of New York City, Rudy was staunchly anti-abortion, opposing it except for cases of rape and incest. This hurt him in the city and he changed his tune. He then opposed a ban on so-called partial birth abortions. He now supports it. Now he hints that he will elect judges who want to overturn Roe.

This is not, regardless of what Sullivan says, a consistant stance regarding federalism. What will the voters think?

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