The savior

Barack Obama in 2008?

I like Barack Obama. I don't know if there is anyone who doesn't like him. But I don't know if he could be president in two years. He has too little experience at a time when it seems like our country needs that more and more.

He is a charismatic person and good speaker, but so is John Edwards. I guess I don't understand the fuss just yet.


prp said...

I'm with you in hoping that he doesn't run. He's amassed an impressive amount of political capital in a short time, it'd be a shame if he were to waste it on a premature run. Give it another cycle -- or two.


Anonymous said...

Obama does have political capitol, but most of it is merely perception. He has yet to act bold as a politician. (though he acts bold while running for office)

Would I want him to be president? Not especially. But everything is relative. I would prefer him to Hillary Clinton.