Murdoch moving left?

This piece from The New Yorker is full of wonderful little nuggets of information.

Of particular interest is the way author John Cassidy points out that Murdoch tends to find political friends based on who will be in power, and not, as many argue, on the basis of rigid ideology. This is not to say Murdoch is not an ideologue--he certainly is. But it benefits his bottom line to befriend powerful elites -- of all political persuasions -- and with the pendulum swinging left as of late, it is understandable why Murdoch is cozying up to the Clintons, for example.

“'Rupert, I think, is interested in power and money, and not much else,' a former White House aide who worked with Hillary when she was First Lady said to me. 'I think the ideology business is all a gloss. My vulgar Marxist view is that he is trying to defend his economic interest. The Democrats are about to sweep New York, and Hillary might be President in 2008.'”

Another revealing bit is the speculation that Tony Blair may join the News Corp. Board of Directors when he steps down from power.

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