Free expression or symbol of bigotry?

Blair calls Muslim veils a "mark of separation"

Blair is right. In addition to highlighting the growing cultural divide in Europe, the burka and veil are symbols of oppression of women and bigotry. Certainly not all Muslim women view them that way, but then I guess we wouldn't know what they really think, would we?


Jeff said...

Are cosmetics then a symbol of chauvinism? High Heels an icon of American sexism?

We can't dictate their culture for them. We have to let them be the driving forces behind their own progressivism as we have been with our own civil rights. All we can do is try to help out where we can and provide a good example.

prp said...

Oh, right, and surely the removal of the burka will usher in a new age of freedom of speech and self-expression for Muslim women.


Banning -- or even condemning -- the use of burkas is a quick fix, not a real cure.