Which's Which?

Numbers coming out of Virginia: McCain squeaks by Huckabee (Huckabee!) with 2-3 points, 47-45, while Obama trounces HRC by 25 points, closing the day out with 62 to her 47.

And McCain is the "presumptive nominee" while Obama is in a neck and neck struggle? Weird times, indeed.

I bet Mitt's starting to wish he stuck it out. I bet he would have played well in the Potomac Primaries, maybe snagged one or two other contests, and used that energy (as well as the mountain of establishment conservative support) to cinch the veep slot. Maybe he really is holding his horses for '12.

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Douglas P. Case said...

I don't know if Mitt is the one we should worry about, but Edwards. I know he's only got 26 delegates, but that just might be enough to swing the totals at the convention if it's that close. But would Obama or HRC (love that, by the way) repay him with a veep nomination?