Two Things I Don't Like

The recent primary results from Super Tuesday give me two major causes for concern.

1) Hillary Clinton is winning the race for the Democratic nomination, but not because of the elections. She's simply gathering more 'super-delegates' than Obama. This is completely unfair. The people should choose who their candidate is, not a few 'special' Congressmen and governors.

2) John McCain is going to have to pick an awfully good running mate. Let's face it: McCain's old. His chances of dying in office are much greater than any other candidate still in the race. So his vice president has a better-than-average chance of becoming the next president. So please, McCain, please don't choose Huckabee to win over the hardline conservatives. That would be a really bad idea. Choose Condi instead - everyone likes her! Or, I do, at least.


section9 said...

I think by now Hillary has a better than even chance of being the nominee. She's going to rack up a win in Ohio and I think, Texas. If she goes to the Convention in a tie with Obama, there will be a Rules Fight that will seat Florida and Michagan, whose delegates will vote for her. End of Story.

She'll never pick Obama as her VP. They despise each other. She'll pick some southern governor like Mark Warner.

McCain won't pick Huckabee. He doesn't want to spend all of September talking about the Scopes Monkey Trial and Evolution. I think it's very likely he'll pick Condi as his running mate.

Philip Primeau said...

McCain's VP: Fred Thompson

Why? Fred's a darling of the conservative establishment, a born and bred southerner, a well known personality.

Also, watch for McCain to pledge just one term (age, among other things . . .)

Michael Corcoran said...

Agreed. Clinton will win. She will not jump at the chance to put Obama on the ticket (they don;t like each other, and he would become a VP rockstar)

But, if Obama can offer clinton a wink-wink type a deal (he drops out, she puts him on) he could make it so she has to put him on.

That said -- and allow me to go off on a tangent for a second -- one thing is clear. No matter who wins in November it will make me want to vomit.

I have longed disliked Clinton as a politician, due to her conservative policies.

( http://www.opednews.com/articles/opedne_michael__070227_the_other_reason_to_.htm).

Obama, however, has actually run to the right of her on a variety of issues: health care social security etc ...

He offers nothing substantive in the way of policy differences. He speaks glowingly of diplomacy, but has no interest in changing our interventionist ways (see his quotes about bombing Pakistan); he has appealed to the right at every turn with his meanignless "unity" rhetoric; and has convinved many well-meanign progressives that he is a vehicle for change, despite the fact that he hasn't propsoed any real change at all.

(Name me one policy position that is dramtically different from what Bill Clinton would have supported in the 1990s -- before the country turned on neoliberalism and military interventionsim?)

He is a neoliberal, opposed to single-payer, impeachment. He has not proposed cutting our nuclear weapon, our military budget. He doesn't even pretend to speak the language of economic justice. (and in fact, he distances himself from it, as Krugman has noted on the sopcial security debate)

Really, it is sad. If you had told me that Clinton would be facing Obama for the nomination two years ago, I would have been estatic. A community organizer, who cares (a little) about Palestineans, who supported single-payer, and opposed the war on not just strateguc, but ethical grounds -- sounds great.

But his campaign has been offensive with this simpleton "together we can" shit. His policy proposals, especially on domestic issues, are as awful as they are thin.

Another election, and again, no real change on the horizon. No universal health care, no effort to curb media consolidation, no attention paid to the working class.


Jeff Hudecek said...


I'm super cynical about VP picks. All this animosity will wash away once McCain and Hillary both acknowledge the advantages of Huckabee (Hello Evangelical voters!) and Obama (Rock star!) as running mates.

I don't think Obama's lost yet btw, but will have a much clearer notion after next Tues (I think DC/MD will def go his way, not sure about VA though).