Why hello there

I'm Chris Girard, one of captains of the opinion section ship this upcoming year, along with Chris Auclair (my co-editor. I'm sure Chris will be blogging here posthaste). I am a Sophomore Political Communication/Theatre Studies double major and a contributor to last year's opinion pages.

It is a little odd I am so involved with the Beacon and journalism is neither of my two majors, but I feel Emerson's PoliCom courses will render me sufficiently equipped for what is to come. I have a lot to learn and a tough act to follow. Last year's editor, Pat Boyle (a fellow PoliCom major), brought professionalism and wide coverage of issues to the opinion page, and his impact on the section is evidenced by the sizable pack of talented writers contributing to the section. I look forward to a good year filled with provocative, well-informed writing and comprehensive coverage of the issues of our time.

I'll start on that later. Right now, I must feed my cat.

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