Hyperbole Alert

"Nobody dislikes Tony Snow. By acclamation, people who know him say the White House press secretary is the most decent, kind and encouraging human being they have ever met."

--The always credible Cal Thomas.

Fawning over the president's press secretary? Is this journalism?


Jeff Hudecek said...

No, not really. But he's also trying to be supportive of someone he who has cancer, so I can't really fault him for it.

Anonymous said...

With Jeff. Snow is well respected and well liked on both sides of the aisle for being fundamentally a gentleman. Keith Olbermann (of all people) has had some of the nicest words for him.


Michael Corcoran said...

Yeah Im with Jeff. I think when potentially fatal cancer is iinvolved, hyperbolic praise is not only warranted, but even welcome.

Pat you are a heartless bastard.

Anonymous said...

Pat Boyle is worse than Hitler. PHil