Alan Keyes? This is getting rediculous...

He ran for President in 1996 and 2000 and has recently decided he will do the same in 2008.

That's right, the GOP savior is here. Alan Keyes is running for President of these United States.

The Republican field is already bloated with candidates no one has heard of, even more so than the Democratic one, so I don't think this move was sanctioned (or is being smiled upon) by Republican higher-ups. This seems to be a maverick, inconsequential candidacy announced by a public figure whose effectiveness and popularity has clearly lapsed. Think Ralph Nader, but with a "R" next to his name.

But it's funny as hell. (Also funny as hell: Keyes's website)

Bill Richardson was the last Democrat to announce his candidacy, and he did so on May 21. The voices begging Al Gore to jump into the race have grown hoarse and have finally subsided, but then again, they very well may have given their support to Clinton, Obama, or Edwards. After the withdrawal of Tom Vilsack in February, there are eight Democratic candidates. The field is solidifying, and potential voters are settling in.

There are ten Republicans, but twelve have tried to win the nomination: Jim Gilmore and Tommy Thompson ended their campaigns over the summer.

Yes, it's only three more candidates than the Democrats, but it suggests restlessness, a lack of enthusiasm, and volatility among Republican devotees. Fred Thompson's candidacy, however, could change all that. Chances are, this other September announcement won't matter.

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